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With four stores, Angelo's is the largest independent music

chain in the Denver area. After 26 years in business, we remain

on the cutting edge of music and entertainment. With everything

from tomorrows hot mixtapes to 1950s deep cuts, Lady and

the Tramp to Deadpool, T-Shirts, hoodies and jerseys, jewelry,

incense to drum sticks and from wall-size tapestries to bumper

stickers, Angelo's is always expanding. Every week brings new

product into our stores, both new and used, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray,

Vinyl etc . . . Browse our online collection or stop by one of our

locations! Try before you buy! We specialize in locating

impossible, out of print items, long after the competition

has given up.


At Angelo's we love what we do. It is our mission to bring

the newest and best in entertainment to you.



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